Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thank You, Mr. Falker and Mrs. Pauline Porter

I read Guideposts magazine every month. It's my antidote to all the negativity on the evening news. There's an article in the July issue called, "Lauren's Moment." What really caught my attention was the photo of Lauren reading Patricia Polacco's picture book, THANK YOU, MR. FALKER.

Lauren is dyslexic, and THANK YOU, MR. FALKER is her favorite book. When Lauren's mom read it to her second grade class, Lauren interrupted and said, "I have what she has. I have dyslexia. I am just like Patricia Polacco." She went on to say, "but I am very smart and I am going to grow up to be a writer."

Though I am not dyslexic, I did have trouble learning to read, and a special teacher helped me. Like Patricia Polacco, I went to see my teacher as an adult to tell her how much she had meant to me. This is a picture of my teacher, Mrs. Pauline Porter:

A great teacher can change your life forever, and great books like THANK YOU, MR. FALKER, can too.

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  1. I was surprised to read a list (admittedly short, but stellar) of well-known talented writers who are dyslexic. Never allow others telling you that you can't, shouldn't, or even should XYZ, stop you from doing what you know you can.