Saturday, September 4, 2010

Tips for A Good Writing Day

I attended a workshop led by author Kathleen Duey. She said, "If you have a good writing day, find out why. Try to duplicate it." That advice caused me to ponder my work habits. Here are tips from my journey:

1. Discover what time you're most productive. For me it's first thing in the morning. If I can write from 6:30 am until about 10:00 am, then my output increases.

2. Tune out distractions. That means I write offline. It is very tempting to check email, Facebook, and Twitter, but they take my focus off of the task at hand.

3. Enjoy the journey. Comparing my career to other more accomplished authors does not lead to better writing, only frustration.

4. Exercise. It improves my mood. Besides who wants to be an overweight, out-of- shape author?

5. Take Breaks. Books, travel, and spending time with friends all provide material for my writing.

How does your writing process differ from mine? I'd be interested in hearing what works for you.