Sunday, July 31, 2016

What Is #MGGetsReal?

Marketing can be a drag for writers, it can feel so self-promotional. And it requires a lot of time. But with the notion that good teamwork makes any effort easier (and more fun), author Shannon Wiersbitzky, (WHAT FLOWERS REMEMBER), developed a plan. Pull together several authors with books that share a common thread, and join forces to spread the word.

The common thread for #MGGetsReal? Each of the books tackles a tough topic in a way appropriate for Middle Grade readers.

The participating authors are:
·      Shannon Wiersbitzky—WHAT FLOWERS REMEMBER (Alzheimer’s)
·      Kathleen Burkinshaw – THE LAST CHERRY BLOSSOM, (Hiroshima)
·      Joyce Moyer Hostetter—COMFORT, (War Trauma)
·      Kerry O’Malley Cerra—JUST A DROP OF WATER, (9/11)
·      Shannon Hitchcock—RUBY LEE & ME, (School Integration)

#MGGetsReal will blitz social media for the month of August, 2016.
Our marketing plan consists of:

1.    Developing a unique hashtag for the effort. We chose #MGGetsReal.
2.    Developing "group ads" for social media.
3.    Posting to social media 3x week for the month of August in a way that highlights all five books.
4.    Writing for two blogs not our own, (seeking blogs with national exposure where possible).
5.    Retweeting using the hashtag #MGGetsReal.
6.    Seeking to engage teachers/librarians.
7.    Featuring other writers on our own blogs if applicable.
8.    Reading/writing reviews for each book.
9.    Developing a video that highlights all five books.

We’re counting on teachers, librarians, and fellow SCBWI members to help spread the word. Here’s how you can be an ally:

1.    Consider reading and reviewing the aforementioned books.
2.    Retweet using the hashtag #MGGetsReal.
3.    Share posts on Facebook.
4.    Host one of the authors on your own blog.

#MGGetsReal is a marketing experiment. Help us make it a successful one!