Friday, June 14, 2013

Pinterest and Writing Prompts

(One of the images from my Pinterest board. My grandmother embroidered these horses on a pillowcase for my sister. When the pillowcase had worn out, Robin had them framed.)

I tried to resist Pinterest. The last thing I needed was one more social media site to contend with, but when I read that Kate Messner had created a Pinterest board for each of her books, I decided that was an idea worth copying.

I have set up a Pinterest Board for CAROLINA GIRLS, the novel I'm currently revising. Instead of being a time suck, I'm finding it helps me think visually about my novel. Pinterest is also a great place to conduct quick, fun visual research. You can check out my latest board here:

Have you tried Pinterest? Even if you're not a writer, there are wonderful recipes, decorating ideas, and beautiful photographs. It's definitely worth a look!


  1. Still haven't gone the Pinterest way.... I've yet to tweet, too. Maybe I'm afraid I'll be on the Internet 24/7?
    I like the horse sketches you posted here.

  2. I don't really interact with people on Pinterest, but I do like using the search function and seeing what cool pictures are out there that relate to what I'm writing about.