Friday, June 1, 2012

How To Promote Your Children's Book by Katie Davis

As a soon to be debut author, I am passionately interested in how to promote my forthcoming book. Fortunately for me, Katie Davis has already been down this path and recorded lots of tips in an easy to read style.

I highlighted text on my Kindle, but also took copious notes. Here is just a sampling of some of Katie's wisdom:

  1. Buy the domain for your book title, then forward it to your main website. That way anyone who googles your book title, will be sent to your site.
  2. Katie recommends working with a website designer separate from your website programmer. I'm intrigued by this notion, but need to research it further.
  3. The book is chocked full of helpful links. One I found especially good is Darcy Pattison's "Tips for Skype Author Visits: Be Prepared."
  4. Katie advises posting your book trailer on both YouTube and TeacherTube. I had never even heard of TeacherTube before, but Katie says she got more hits to her book trailer from TeacherTube than YouTube.
  5. When being interviewed, know in advance the top three points you want to make and make them early.
I've read other books on marketing, but this is by far the best of the bunch. I'm collecting promotion tips so I hope you'll share yours in the comments section. 


  1. Yeah, some great tops there. Thanks for sharing this book. teacher tube eh?

  2. Yep, TeacherTube. If your book can be used in a classroom, that seems to be a great addition to YouTube.

  3. I've never heard of TeacherTube either. Thanks for highlighting it, Shannon. What a resource for anyone whose work fulfills an educational function.

  4. I've met Katie Davis before and she's a doll and so full of energy. I bought this book a few months ago and it's terrific. Thanks for coming over to my blog - it's nice to meet you, Shannon!

    I published a bunch of short stories, too, before finally landing a book contract. Who's publishing your 2013 book? I'm excited for you! :-)

  5. Hi Mirka, I just finished your book. I'm planning to post a review of it soon.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Hi Kimberley, My book was edited by Stephen Roxburgh and published by his new company Namelos

  7. I'm intrigued by the website information. Thanks!

    As for a good tip: When you do Skype visits, arrange to make the connection with someone before your audience is seated and ready for your presentation.

  8. I've been meaning to read this book. Thanks for sharing some tips from it.

  9. Hi Cindy, It does make sense to connect early so that everyone's time is used to be best advantage. Thanks for the tip.

  10. Medeia, I highly recommend the book, and it's easy access straight to your Kindle.

  11. Glad I came by as I also write Ya. None of them have been published as yet though. Need to check out that book for sure.

  12. Thanks for sharing the book by Katie Davis. A jewel to read and so much information to help stay on the right path.