Friday, January 31, 2014

Sydney Taylor Book Awards Blog Tour!

On February 18th, I'll have the pleasure of interviewing Carol Matas, author of Dear Canada: Pieces of the Past: The Holocaust Diary of Rose Rabinowitz, Winnipeg, Manitoba, 1948, (published by Scholastic Canada), as part of the Sydney Taylor Book Awards Blog Tour.

I just finished this book, and if I were in the same room as the author, I'd give her a hug for writing such a beautiful and brave story.

You can see the full list of Sydney Taylor Award winners here:


  1. Thank you for posting these. The winners of this very good award are always interesting and worthy.

  2. I've been a stop on the blog tour for the past three years. If you'd be interested in participating on the blog tour next year, contact Barbara Krasner through The Whole Megillah.

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