Friday, October 4, 2013

THE LAURA LINE by Crystal Allen

I first picked up this book because of its cover. When I saw the family tree, I was pretty sure the book would have an historical fiction slant. I was not disappointed.

Then I flipped to the Acknowledgments because children's publishing is a small, small world. When I saw Donna Gephart mentioned, I gave the book a more serious look. As I kept reading, I discovered that Crystal Allen was the same author who wrote, HOW LAMAR'S BAD PRANK WON A BUBBA-SIZED TROPHY.

And since I loved Lamar, that sealed the deal, and THE LAURA LINE came home with me.

What I enjoyed about both of Crystal Allen's books are the sassy voices and that her protagonists are not what you would expect. Lamar has asthma, and such a bad case of it, that bowling is his sport of choice. On the other hand, Laura, in THE LAURA LINE, is so overweight that the other kids call her Fat Larda.

I thoroughly enjoyed both books, and if you haven't discovered author, Crystal Allen, hurry to a bookstore and buy yourself a treat.

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