Friday, May 24, 2013

An Impromptu Book Tour in Tucson!

Recently, I had the chance to visit one of my oldest friends in Tucson, Arizona. Just look at that sky and the mountains in the background! This trip was in no way related to THE BALLAD OF JESSIE PEARL, but I used the opportunity to talk about JESSIE to the people I met there. I like to think of it as "killing two birds with one stone."

Every week I check my sales numbers on Author Central. I went from having no sales in Arizona to eleven copies sold. Those sales are directly attributable to a trip I took for pleasure. Marketing opportunities are all around me. I simply have to keep my eyes open and squash the urge to be pushy and overanxious. Most people resist a hard sell.

If you're a writer, what impromptu marketing opportunities have fallen into your lap? Combining vacation and marketing can be fun!


  1. My favorite sales (glimpsed though AC) are in places I've never been nor know anyone...:D

  2. All sales are good! :) But I do enjoy seeing when/if my marketing activities are paying dividends.