Tuesday, July 13, 2010

To Kindle Or Not To Kindle?

I caved. I recently purchased my first electronic book. For me it was a hard choice. There are few things I enjoy more than holding a book in my hands...but you should see my house. I hoard books. I have three floor to ceiling double bookcases, and yet I'm out of room for books.

I read JOEY PIGZA SWALLOWED A KEY on my Kindle. I enjoyed the story immensely, but there were a few negatives:

1. I missed seeing the cover art.

2. There were a few parts that I wanted to reread but it was too aggravating to find them.

3. My Kindle needed to be recharged in the middle of the story.

So now I've reached a compromise. I will buy electronic books when I'm pretty sure that it's not a story I will read again and again. But I can't give up on traditional books. It would be easier to quit eating chocolate!


  1. Ha! I love your last line, Shannon! I can't give up traditional books, either. Although, I find my e-reader convenient at times. For traveling and when I want a book but can't get to a bookstore or library.

  2. I will admit to loving the convenience of my Kindle.

  3. I'm reading my first ebook, on my husband's IPad. I balked for a long time, but it was a novel I really wanted to read, and it was just sitting there, waiting. (Scott Turow's Innocent)
    I'm amazed at how much I'm enjoying it. The frustrating thing is that the story skips back and forth in time, and in characters. So far I've had to do a bit of paging back and forth. (Thank goodness for those little red bookmarks!)
    But, true confessions, I think I may be buying more ebooks!