Thursday, June 24, 2010

Writers Need Patience

I've found that nothing in publishing moves quickly. A writer needs the patience of Job, not only to revise the same story again and again, but to wait while agents and editors evaluate our work.

My minister sent out his weekly email blast this morning, and I think he's talking directly to me:

“Strong people wait a lot. It’s the kind of patience that holds onto a dream when everything seems to be stacked against it; patience that continues to believe..."

I continue to believe that my writing dream will one day result in a published book, and to be thankful for yet another magazine sale. I recently received my fifth contract from POCKETS magazine. Look for my article, "Paul's Project," in the November 2010 issue. And for a dose of inspiration, check out Paul's website.


  1. It's way quicker to have a baby than birth a book!

  2. Ha. Since I'm waiting for both, a daughter to have her first baby and my agent to sell my book, this made me smile. As our Tampa writing buddy Greg Neri said to me when I signed with the agent this month: "That's about right, 10 years to write a book and get it sold..."
    But those 10 years included a whole lot of false starts.
    Overnight success? I don't think so.

  3. I've been at this about ten years as well. I started writing when my son was in first grade, and he just finished 10th.

    Good luck on the book and the baby!

  4. Love this, Shannon! Thank you for sharing your minister's words--as the most impatient person in the entire world (I'm pretty sure), I needed to read them. And congratulations on "Paul's Project"! Awesome!

  5. You have stiff competition for the most impatient person in the entire world award! Maybe we both need a counseling session with my minister. LOL