Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Sometimes the right title for a book or magazine article just pops into my head. But not this time. I'm having a problem coming up with the perfect title for my first novel. So I've decided to run a contest to choose the name. Here are the rules:

1. Read about the novel's plot below.

2. Choose your favorite from the titles listed or come up with a completely new title.

3. Post your title choice on my blog.

If somebody comes up with a completely new title and I decide to use it, then I will send you a free copy of either TONIGHT YOU ARE MY BABY by Jeannine Norris or DOG GONE or BUCK FEVER both by Cynthia Chapman Willis. (Your choice)

In addition, I will put the names of everyone who posts on my blog in a hat and select a random winner. I will also send this winner a free copy of either Cindy or Jeannine's books.

Here's the storyline:

Twelve-year-old Sarah Willis is babysitting her five-year-old sister when her sister wanders into the street and is struck by a car. From that point on Sarah wishes for two things: first she wants her sister to be good as new, and though her second wish is impossible, she wishes it with all her heart. Somehow she wishes the accident hadn't been her fault.

Possible titles include:

Inside Beauty

Don't Tell

Keeping Secrets

The Summer Sarah Beth Willis Grew Up

Summer Break


  1. Broken Wish Bones

    Summer of Regret

    Wishful Thinking

    I'll try to think of some more. Does anyone else know she wasn't watching her sister? What's her sister's name? What was she doing when the accident happened?


  2. Sarah's Secrets

    Secrets that kept Sarah from Sleeping

    Sisters, Secrets and Sedans

    Sarah's Sleepless Summer

    Tracy W, NC

  3. Sarah's Wish
    Healing Sarah
    Healing Sarah's Heart
    Heart Lessons
    I Wish...
    Two Wishes
    One Wish, Two Wish, Red Wish, Blue Wish (now I'm getting silly)

    I think it would be helpful to know the sister's name.

  4. The sister's name is Robin. Nobody knows that Sarah wasn't paying attention. She was reading a magazine looking for makeup tips to cover up her freckles.

  5. What Sarah Wished
    Too Late for Wishes
    The World Tilts in a Second
    One Fractured Moment
    In Spring When the Robin Sings

    (If written in 1st person:)
    I Take it Back
    What I Wish
    Wishing Until it Hurts

  6. Good as New (I didn't get this from Katia, honest!)
    Cover Up
    When Sarah Wasn't Looking
    Cover to Cover
    Sarah's Redemption
    Babysitting Blues
    Wishful Thinking (I didn't get this from theartgirl, honest!)
    Too Many Freckles
    Freckle Face
    Face It
    In the Face of (something)
    The Accident
    Sarah's Faceful Summer
    Sarah's Summer Face
    Shannon, do you need more?

  7. If you want more, Shannon, give us some more info . . . Also, did you look at some lines, images from the story, special places, etc.? Those hide the best titles sometimes!!

    Good luck! I'm watching this :)

  8. On Facebook Alex Flinn made some great recommendations, but I'm wondering if they sound more YA than MG.

    Losing Robin
    Wishing Robin Well

    Also what do you guys think about titles that have already been used. I've searched Amazon for lots of titles and for instance "Accident" is the title of a Danielle Steele novel.

  9. how about

    Sarah's dilemma or

    I Love you Robin - I do - or

    The day Sarah's earth stood still

  10. How about simply ...

    Second Wish