Saturday, January 30, 2010

Finding Your Voice: Tips from Peck, Duey, Santopolo SCBWI Miami

For Kathleen Duey it's all about finding the right voice for the book. She shared that her voice varies widely.

Richard Peck told conference participants to go to real life for voice, that voice comes from listening. He said he has "reached the age of invisibility." That he can eavesdrop in mall foodcourts without teenagers even noticing.

Jill Santopolo used Barbie as a metaphor for voice. A naked Barbie is your authorial voice. Now consider dressing her as Malibu Barbie. Malibu Barbie will sound differently than Teacher Barbie or Nurse Barbie.

Ms. Santopolo said Junie B. Jones is the "gold standard" for voice in chapter books.

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