Friday, November 27, 2009

Counting My "Writerly" Blessings

It would be easy to moan about all the things that I hoped to accomplish this year that didn't quite materialize. Instead here's my top ten "writerly" blessings.

1. Children's Magazines - Without the guidance of editors like Patty McIntyre, Marileta Robinson and Deborah Vetter, I would have never been published.

2. Florida SCBWI - Through my local chapter, I've connected with a critique group and learned to write a novel. (Thank you Joyce Sweeney!)

3. National SCBWI - For the first time, I attended the national conference in Los Angeles. I enjoyed seeing old friends and made some new ones too.

4. Sue Alexander New Voices Award - I was nominated this year, and it's the first time I've ever received that kind of recognition for my writing.

5. Highlights Foundation Workshops - I attended a week-long retreat hosted by Carolyn Yoder. All I can say is if you ever have the chance, run, don't walk to apply.

6. Novels - My picture book manuscripts weren't selling. This led me to try writing a novel. I completed my first novel this year and am deeply immersed in a second one.

7. Friends - Cynthia Chapman Willis and Jeannine Norris are the best writing buddies a girl could wish for. They cheer at my successes and commiserate when I fail.

8. Social Networking - I've connected with other writers through Facebook and my classmates from high school too.

9. Tutoring - I volunteer as a writing tutor on Tuesday nights and I've received more blessings from Romello than I could possibly give back to him.

10. Family - I've saved the most important for last. Thanks to my husband and son for understanding about my writing! You guys are the best.

What about you? What "writerly" blessings came your way this year?


  1. What a wonderful post, Shannon. I definitely count all the fabulous people that I've met as a top "writerly" blessing. And the fact that I just love, love, love what I do.

  2. Hi Shannon!

    If you want to know about my writerly blessings this year, I hope you'll check out my "Thanksgiving" posting on my brand new blog! I am really impressed with yours, by the way. Congrats on winning the amazing award. Sounds like a very productive year, and I am proud of you!